Innocent little monster

Innocent little monster

Monday, July 13, 2009

one of my weird venting moments

i felt like i was free but im still on lockdown a million fucking smiles gone...
now all i can do is frown...
i must really be fucked up, more than i thought
it took one memory and now my brain is shot
[hard sigh]
get me the fuck outta here
i promise i wont shed another tear
but these thoughts seem like they gonna be wit me for years
i doubt it
at least for the time being
and they wonder why im always actin an azz and party'n
this the shit that happens when im not in the fastlane
thoughts set in and try to drive me insane
i chunked the bitch out the window watched the bitch fall stories down
I turn around she's back hauntin me now.

Why did i write this and where did it come from?? I don't fucking know... where does my writing ever come from... it's just concocted of a million emotions i feel.. they come rushing at once.. i have to push them out.... All I know is im haunted by bad memories.. and they try to prevent me from moving forward... and its irritating the hell out of me and making me feel afraid of shit... i don't like it... but this too..shall pass. P.S. [ im not a stud..but i still have an imaginary dick..dont kick me between my legs.]

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