Innocent little monster

Innocent little monster

Monday, July 13, 2009

words don't amount

If I could add up all the love in the world...
times that by all the hate that happens on a daily basis...
maybe then you would notice truth instead of placing it as fakeness....
I tell you i love you all the time
I cry for you
I bet you never knew that i'd lay my life on the line
because of loveI'd die for you
your not sure of how much i love you
right now I can only tell you
the depth in which I feel it, I have no words to explain to you
for now I must combine with humanity and say those three words
maybe toss in a couple of heartfelt verbs
still it never could amount, sometimes I dont want to even bother
words dont mean shit to me, actions speak louder
but if it helps to convince you
gives you something to remininsce to
substitutes a kiss or hug to let you know how much you mean boo
I'll give it to you, you got it no problem
swallow my words and wrap ya heart around em
all I say,
All I could say still would never amount
the way I love you how much I love you
my want to grow old and die with you
how your beauty could never subside
inside and out...
I could keep this goin on for
a lifetime and never stop...
still these are only words...
they just don't amount.

[written by me....nique...duh]
this a throwbaq i wrote.....2008.

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